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 |  |.___..\     /..\   |\      /|       /.\              ~\                  
 |  |.|  \..|   /./\.\  |.\    /.|      /._.\                ~~~\             
 |  |.|__/..|  |.|  |.| |..\  /..|     /./_\.\                    ~\          
 |  |. __../   |.|  |.| |...\/...|    /._____.\                      ~\       
 |  |.|  \.\   |.|  |.| |.|\../|.|   /./     \.\                        ~~\   
 |  |.|   \.\  |.|  |.| |.| \/ |.|  /./       \.\                          ~| 
 |  |.|    \.\  \.\/./  |.|    |.| /./         \.\                          | 
 |  |_|     \_\  \__/   |_|    |_|/_/           \_\                         | 
 |      ___       _____  ____  ____  ______     __       _        ___       |
 |      /.\       |. __| |_._| |.._| |.___..\   |.\     |.|       /.\       | 
 |     /._.\      |.|     |.|  |.|   |.|  \..|  |..\    |.|      /._.\      | 
 |    / /_\.\     |.|__   |.|  |.|_  |.|__/..|  |...\   |.|     /./_\.\     | 
 |   /._____.\    |. __|  |.|  |.._| |. __../   |.|\.\  |.|    /._____.\    | 
 |  /./     \.\   |.|     |.|  |.|   |.|  \.\   |.| \.\ |.|   /./     \.\   | 
 | /./       \.\  |.|     |.|  |.|   |.|   \.\  |.|  \.\|.|  /./       \.\  | 
 |/./         \.\ |.|__   |.|  |.|_  |.|    \.\ |.|   \...| /./         \.\ | 
 |_/           \_\|____|  |_|  |___| |_|     \_\|_|    \__|/_/           \.\| 
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"Sorry boss, there's only two men I trust. One of 'em's me, the other one's not you" Nicholas Cage as Cameron Poe in Con Air

Every player will be asked to start with a normal status character. Normal characters are freepersons from Salutor to Civis and slaves from Ancillus to Atriensis. In this time, after two weeks of play, they will recieve a trust vote to cast. Players can use this trustvote for anyone but themselves. Trust votes are votes that other players can give people who have gone out of their way to give other people roleplay, who try very hard to involve people in storyies, or who have shown that they are willing to accept negative consequences if a situation called for this, or that they are very cooperative in ways of dealing with a conflict, or that they have helped someone reach an outcome that was important to them with no gain to themselves. A player will cast the trustvote by sending a mail to staff, along with the reason, and staff will see if the reason given is what we are looking for in a trustvote. (more in 'news trustvotes cast'). If the vote is approved it will be set on the character recieving the vote, along with the reason which is made less detailed so people have some protection that it's not too recognisable who has cast the trustvote, and a remark that the vote is as yet 'unused'.

Players recieve a trustvote to cast (per character):
2 weeks after they started roleplaying
after one month
after three months
after each six months

This person can use such a vote (if they gather enough of such votes) to make their character a higher level freeperson or slave, or to make an alt who is a higher level freeperson or slave. Possible ranks to gain for freepersons are Patrician, Senator and Consul, possible ranks for slaves are Officialis, Senatorialis (placeholder for an NPC Senator or another character of you wish that) and Consulionis (again placeholer for an NPC Consul or another character if you wish that).

A player can use any trustvotes their alts were given for a specific character or to app a new one. These trustvotes will only be given out with clear reasons, and the general gist of these will be set on the alt the vote is used on, with the remark that the vote is 'used'. Once the alt or character wishes to use the trustvote staff will work out a story with the player to help explain why the character has reached the position they will hold.

"Do not trust all men, but trust men of worth; the former course is silly, the latter a mark of prudence." Democritus

To send in a trustvote, you can write a mail to Diana. There is code that shows in the +finger of each player how many trustvotes they have left to cast. You send in an @mail with the name of the person you wish to give a trustvote for, and the reason. A good explanation is perfect, but it doesn't have to be long. If we are not aware of the situation that you are describing we might need to ask you for more explanation. Logs are always good but they're not really necessary for this, as long as you can explain what happened that shows that the other is a mature, responsible and cooperative roleplayer.

What are we looking for in a trustvote? We are hoping you will tell us which people are suitable to roleplay someone with higher rank or status in the game. Someone who gets to lord it over other players. That is why a trustvote is not cast for just 'good roleplay'. If someone writes beautiful poses it's fine to give them normal votes for that, but a trustvote is specifically to tell the game that someone is very careful with other players. A trustvote can be given to someone who goes out of their way to make sure everyone who is online is involved in roleplay and is enjoying themselves. A trustvote can be given if someone takes a lot of trouble to communicate oocly with people to turn a possible very difficult ic situation into something that everyone can enjoy. A trustvote can be given if a player puts other's enjoyment before their own. A trustvote can be given if a character who is a leader shows they're worthy of such a position by giving time and effort to their position but not force roleplay on other players that they don't want. A trustvote can be given if you notice that someone takes consequences for their character that are more negative than the situation requires. Or even better, of they take extra effort to avoid roleplay other people might find negative. These are just a few examples.

Anything that shows someone has a very cooperative attitude, is willing to be supportive and helpful to other players, is willing to make sure they don't hurt people's feelings, and be responsible with any in character status and power they have been given is worthy of a trustvote. Trustvotes are a new idea, Diana worked out the idea herself and few other muxes use them (though if they wish to they're free to adapt it). They are important to us because they are one of the few things that give an idea if someone is willing and able to roleplay someone of higher status in a way that avoids roleplay people would prefer not to get into, and avoids icly unwarranted abusive situations. So please, if you have trustvotes, it would really help if you cast them! That way we can see what people are worthy of playing higher ranks, and get more of a structure in the game than just having a lot of low ranks and one or two higher ones.

"Actions are immoral, opinions are not" Josh Charles as Dan Rydell on Sports Night

If a trustvote was given but something happens that is a very clear sign the trust should not have been given, the player who cast the trustvote can 'uncast' it. They will not recieve a new trustvote for it, but if they give a clear enough reason, the trustvote will be removed from the player it was cast for, from the alt it was used for if allready used, or from the alt it was cast for if not allready used. If three players who have played on the mux for two weeks and all have at least one trustvote themselves agree that a certain alt needs to be given an 'anti-trustvote' they can send in a request to staff (along with a -very- good reason and explanation and preferably logs) and if approved, one trustvote will be considered to have been removed from that alt (and only that alt). This does not have to be for someone who allready has trustvotes, it is a measure to show you feel someone is harming the enjoyment of other people's roleplay. If they are causing abusive situations that other characters have not deserved, if they break people's stated preferences, such things is what a trustvote retraction would be for.

If such an alt used a trustvote, or more, and now is one trustvote short to cover for the status position of the alt, then the alt in question will be under close scrutiny. If the alt is two trustvotes short or if the scrutiny shows that there is clear reason for this alt not to be in their position because they are harming other people's enjoyment of the game, and the alt is higher than just a normal level super, the character's high status will be removed or changed in the storyline to reflect the status of the number of the actual trust votes the alt has. (So basically they will be demoted). If necessary and there is no other way, the alt will be killed.