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 |  |.|  \..|   /./\.\  |.\    /.|      /._.\                ~~~\             
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 |  |.|  \.\   |.|  |.| |.|\../|.|   /./     \.\                        ~~\   
 |  |.|   \.\  |.|  |.| |.| \/ |.|  /./       \.\                          ~| 
 |  |.|    \.\  \.\/./  |.|    |.| /./         \.\                          | 
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 |      /.\       |. __| |_._| |.._| |.___..\   |.\     |.|       /.\       | 
 |     /._.\      |.|     |.|  |.|   |.|  \..|  |..\    |.|      /._.\      | 
 |    / /_\.\     |.|__   |.|  |.|_  |.|__/..|  |...\   |.|     /./_\.\     | 
 |   /._____.\    |. __|  |.|  |.._| |. __../   |.|\.\  |.|    /._____.\    | 
 |  /./     \.\   |.|     |.|  |.|   |.|  \.\   |.| \.\ |.|   /./     \.\   | 
 | /./       \.\  |.|     |.|  |.|   |.|   \.\  |.|  \.\|.|  /./       \.\  | 
 |/./         \.\ |.|__   |.|  |.|_  |.|    \.\ |.|   \...| /./         \.\ | 
 |_/           \_\|____|  |_|  |___| |_|     \_\|_|    \__|/_/           \.\| 
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"Democracy is an abuse of statistics." Jorge Luis Borges

This mux is a bdsm and kink-friendly roleplaying mux with a science fantasy theme. First and foremost you need to know this is a mux made to be able to play integral stories with each other without each being in their ivory tower, where people who are into BDSM who have hardlimits and people who have had to deal with situations that can cause them to have serious triggers are welcome to roleplay, and where their needs will be respected. We will do our best to help protect people from triggers and still give options for bdsm and kink-friendly roleplay, but that means that if you play here, you -have- to respect other people's preferences and act on them. If you don't, we will not hesitate to remove you from this place. If you do, please feel welcome to join us in this game!

Now for our story background. Imagine our history, the Romans. Imagine first, that the Empire never split up. Second, Constantine never converted. And last but not least, the emperor Clavdivs the first realised what a steam engine could be used for and managed to combine the advantages of technology with the advantages of slavery. Thus the middle ages never happened, nor several other important happenings in our history. Earth, led by Rome (including all other countries that normally never got involved with Rome) managed to develop considerable technology but slavery was never questioned or challenged. Then space travel became possible, as well as genetic technology and with that powers of magic that could normally not be experienced. Space travel helped the Romans spread their culture and political structure far beyond earth and Roma became a great empire with the earth city at it's center.

Our story takes place on a space station, about a year's travel away from earth and Rome, but the culture has found it's way even here. But since the space station is at the edge of civilization all kinds of strange races and beings find their way here. (Furries, winged folk, you are free to play what you want as long as it's clear they're on the Roma Aeterna station.) Also experiments with genetical manipulation have offered many strange wonders. The station is so far away from earth (and long distance messenging is very hard or impossible so any communications with Rome will take years to finish) that the politics will mostly find themselves based on the happenings of the station, with now and then some involvement from Rome politics that will influence things from a distance, but that works with at least 2 year old information. We will have a very simple gamesystem to help in conflict resolution but use of this is completely optional. The setting will give options for bdsm play, but also more involved political roleplay, adventure, and psychological roleplay.

Oocly this mux is meant to be a safe environment for any player, whether they like bdsm or not. We want to be open to vulnerable players, some of who've had to deal with sexual trauma and still enjoy bdsm play, and we want to do our best to be a respecting environment and ask players to be respecting of other player's ooc rights as well. We want to lead this mux on a base that is as cooperative as is possible to implement in a mux. This means that we will ask a great deal of sociability and adaptation from our players, and that without players who cooperate the system will not work. If you see roleplay as a competition, if you feel it is important to constantly compare stats, if you roleplay to be able to feel powerful without regard to other's people's feelings, then this is not the mux for you. But if you are looking for a mux where ooc feelings and experiences also are taken into consideration, where people try together to create win-win situations for their roleplay (if not for their characters) and where we try to have room for more than one interpretation of what roleplay can be, then this might be a place where you could feel at home. We'd love to have you.

However, this is a not a fuzzy nice world. This is a world that is very hard and cruel like the Rome of the old days was. Rape, torture and other things far, far, worse will and can happen daily. Just because we want everyone to get along oocly does not mean that this will be a nice and happy place icly. In fact, probably quite the contrary, especially with bdsm theme roleplay. We will just be very careful who is involved in it and how, and try to guide such happenings to greater experience in rp, not to struggling and problems. Basically, what we are trying to do is set up a place where icly abusive situations only happen to characters if all the players involved are happy with this oocly and see it as good roleplay. But also, we will not allow people to get away with things that make no sense just because of consent, so if you act in a way that makes a certain consequence reasonable, staff might force it on you if you refuse to cooperate to a reasonable resolution.

One more warning: this mux is not a democracy. We will try to do our best to make your stay here enjoyable, but our vision of what a kink friendly mux could also be, apart from the examples we have seen elsewhere, and our hopes for creating a mux that is as safe as we can make it for vulnerable players, we cannot compromise. This is a sandbox, it is a trial and we do not know of any other muxes who have this setup with the rooms with variable levels of sexuality allowed. Please work with us, this is a place where we want to have fun, and we're willing to share it with you, but please don't try to pressure us to change our outlook or just make things unfun for other people. If you don't agree with the premises please just leave. If you do agree with the way we run things, but have worries, we will try to listen to you if we can, but if we feel you are endangering the ideas of this mux, then we will be unable to change the way things are set up for you. Also remember leading a mux is all volunteer work and to not take up staff time unless it's absolutely necessary. This is not a mux where anyone can do anything they want. At any time the staff can decide to remove a player or a character if they are endangering other people's enjoyment of the roleplay here. Compromise another player's or characters rights, and you will have your own taken away in return. Even though we want people to get along oocly, this will not mean we will tolerate people making trouble for everybody or anybody else.

We will try to make it easy for players of slaves to get involved in roleplay. Slaves are slaves in the classical Roman sense, they are owned by someone else, but they can reach quite high positions in society and being owned by another person does not mean that the character has to bow and scrape to everyone. There are ways for slaves to hold positions of great power and there are also ways for slaves to be on the bottom of the ladder, and such slaves have to obey any order a freeperson gives, up to but not including things that would lead to death. There will be several levels so everyone can find a place they are comfortable with and still be able to join in roleplay freely without being dependant on single people for roleplay. If that is your preference though, of course, that is also accepted here.

All players are completely equal oocly. A player of a slave does not necessarily have to be submissive, and a submissive has just as many rights as a player as a dominant. We want this to be a safe place for all kinds of kink play. We want to have a mux where people with traumatic experiences who are into BDSM can come and feel safe and share their fantasies. That is why we will have very clearly color coded areas that show what kind of play is accepted in areas. %xrDark red areas%xn will be areas where any kind of play is accepted, including very cruel play, or sperm play. %xhHighlighted white areas%xn will be areas where sperm play is accepted, and %xh%xrhighlighted red areas%xn will be areas where very cruel play is accepted. %xh%xyHighlighted yellow areas%xn will be areas where sexuality is accepted but no sperm play or extremely cruel play. %xh%xgHighlighted green areas%xn will be public and will not contain explicit sexuality but flirting is allright. These things will be mentioned in the room descriptions too. If you have specific hardlimits that would be helped with creating more areas, please let us know. Also, to make this a completely safe environment, we urge you not to ask for personal information from anyone. Asking for personal information on here from another player will count as harassment. Just don't do it, we do not want this to be a place where people troll for real life submissives. Please do that elsewhere.