|  ______        __                      _           ~~\                     
 |  |.___..\     /..\   |\      /|       /.\              ~\                  
 |  |.|  \..|   /./\.\  |.\    /.|      /._.\                ~~~\             
 |  |.|__/..|  |.|  |.| |..\  /..|     /./_\.\                    ~\          
 |  |. __../   |.|  |.| |...\/...|    /._____.\                      ~\       
 |  |.|  \.\   |.|  |.| |.|\../|.|   /./     \.\                        ~~\   
 |  |.|   \.\  |.|  |.| |.| \/ |.|  /./       \.\                          ~| 
 |  |.|    \.\  \.\/./  |.|    |.| /./         \.\                          | 
 |  |_|     \_\  \__/   |_|    |_|/_/           \_\                         | 
 |      ___       _____  ____  ____  ______     __       _        ___       |
 |      /.\       |. __| |_._| |.._| |.___..\   |.\     |.|       /.\       | 
 |     /._.\      |.|     |.|  |.|   |.|  \..|  |..\    |.|      /._.\      | 
 |    / /_\.\     |.|__   |.|  |.|_  |.|__/..|  |...\   |.|     /./_\.\     | 
 |   /._____.\    |. __|  |.|  |.._| |. __../   |.|\.\  |.|    /._____.\    | 
 |  /./     \.\   |.|     |.|  |.|   |.|  \.\   |.| \.\ |.|   /./     \.\   | 
 | /./       \.\  |.|     |.|  |.|   |.|   \.\  |.|  \.\|.|  /./       \.\  | 
 |/./         \.\ |.|__   |.|  |.|_  |.|    \.\ |.|   \...| /./         \.\ | 
 |_/           \_\|____|  |_|  |___| |_|     \_\|_|    \__|/_/           \.\| 
 |                                                                          | 

Religion and Culture
Player Run TP's
Staff and Players
Roleplaying Preferences
Roleplaying 101
Adult Themes

Staff and Player Rights

"The danger is not that a particular class is unfit to govern. Every class is unfit to govern." Lord Acton

Staff have a right to play on this mux, and have fun with it. They have a right to be treated with respect, and they have a right to openly disagree with players or other staffers or the mux godstaff. We ask staff to be on at least three days a week, and to at least spend 6 hours a week on their jobs. If an issue or conflict comes up within staff and it regards only one area, and has no influence on the rest of the mux, then the wizard mainly responsible for that area will make the decision by him- or herself on how to solve it, preferably, if at all possible, in the same cooperative way as we ask players to solve conflicts, but if that is not possible a one sided decision is allowed. If a conflict concerns more than one area or spreads out from one area to involve other areas or players, then all wizards of concerned areas will try to come to a solution in the same cooperative way we ask of players. If that is not possible the situation will be brought to the mux Complaint Wiz and he or she will set a solution much in the way of a conflict between players. There is a staff discussion board that is used to reach such solutions.

If you feel a staffer is abusing their power, for example by giving their alts more advantages than other players would get, by spying, by giving more advantages to friends and partners than other players, or by continuously dominating the storylines of the mux with their character, we urge you to take it up with our complaint wiz or with a staffer you trust, or a player you trust to bring it to staff in a good way. We want to avoid issues like that here, and we will try to listen very carefully to the complaint and act on it to the best of our ability.

"Disbelief in magic can force a poor soul into believing in government and business." Tom Robbins

Theme staff is allowed to listen to what is going on in public places that concern their area (like the public square) but if they choose to do so, it should be in a way that makes it clear to players that they are listened to on a regular basis, and which places are subject to that and which are not. Staff will never listen in on any privately owned place, like someone's house, and if caught doing so will be made to stop staffing.

Staff is asked to answer issues and mails in their sphere promptly, and give at least an update on how something is doing within 4 days. If within such a time a mail is not answered with at least a temporary update, resend the mail to the concerning staffer and the complaint staff. If mail is consistently not answered and the lack of involvement harms a sphere, we will ask the concerned staffer to get help, step down, or take a less demanding position, more on the side. Staff is asked to be professional and polite to players, but can in return expect players to be polite to them. Staff is allowed to openly disagree with other people, be they players or other staff of any level, but should try to prevent this from influencing the friendly environment of the mux. If a situation is so disagreeable to a staff member that they cannot be professional about it any longer, we ask them to bring the problem to another staffer who can deal with it with a little more distance.

Remember, staff are people too and put a lot of effort into running this game. They can have bad days, and they will react like other people if pushed to the limit. In return for helping out with running the mux they can expect the same rights as other players have in consideration and especially set up stories for their characters, definately no more, but certainly no less. They have the right to not be bothered by staff business if they are playing their pc, so don't ask them if you see them playing. Keep staff business to their staff alts, even if it means waiting a day or two. If you're in a big hurry, ask another staff member who is online active as staff, and they will decide if the staffer needs to be advised of the situation.

"All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players." William Shakespeare

All players start out with a character, either freeperson or slave, in one of the three free available ranks for each. They can make their characters more powerful if they earn trustvotes. They can change from slave to freeperson or from freeperson to slave or from one rank to another, but this needs to be set by staff and they need to give a believable ic reason for the change to happen.

They have a right to be treated with respect, and they have a right to openly disagree with players or staffers of any level, but they cannot expect that we will change the setup of this mux to follow ideas we as the creators do not agree with. We will make changes we feel will be helpful if players give us such ideas, and there will be an Anonymous Feedback board, where people can share their opinions and thoughts freely without fear of reprisal, and staff will usually answers to any brought up ideas or concerns. But if a ruling is made players are expected to follow it even if they do not agree.

In return for this right to play players have the duty to be polite to other players and staff, and not to engage in any activity that changes the mux and it's code without permission of staff. This includes changing code or things in code like stats and such that are meant for staffers only to set (and will be locked). The most important duty for players is to be cooperative to other players and to staff. If you feel another player is not cooperative, you can take it to staff, and staff will look into it. Players are expected to follow the mux rules (news rules).

You can have a total of six roleplay alts, to give people the chance to try out what they'd like to play and have alts with several people (especially for personal slaves it can go fast) Please do not let your alts interact with each other. Do not let them give each other things or information, and if there is absolutely no other option but for two alts to interact, call in a staffer to oversee it all, so everyone can be sure you're being fair.