|  ______        __                      _           ~~\                     
 |  |.___..\     /..\   |\      /|       /.\              ~\                  
 |  |.|  \..|   /./\.\  |.\    /.|      /._.\                ~~~\             
 |  |.|__/..|  |.|  |.| |..\  /..|     /./_\.\                    ~\          
 |  |. __../   |.|  |.| |...\/...|    /._____.\                      ~\       
 |  |.|  \.\   |.|  |.| |.|\../|.|   /./     \.\                        ~~\   
 |  |.|   \.\  |.|  |.| |.| \/ |.|  /./       \.\                          ~| 
 |  |.|    \.\  \.\/./  |.|    |.| /./         \.\                          | 
 |  |_|     \_\  \__/   |_|    |_|/_/           \_\                         | 
 |      ___       _____  ____  ____  ______     __       _        ___       |
 |      /.\       |. __| |_._| |.._| |.___..\   |.\     |.|       /.\       | 
 |     /._.\      |.|     |.|  |.|   |.|  \..|  |..\    |.|      /._.\      | 
 |    / /_\.\     |.|__   |.|  |.|_  |.|__/..|  |...\   |.|     /./_\.\     | 
 |   /._____.\    |. __|  |.|  |.._| |. __../   |.|\.\  |.|    /._____.\    | 
 |  /./     \.\   |.|     |.|  |.|   |.|  \.\   |.| \.\ |.|   /./     \.\   | 
 | /./       \.\  |.|     |.|  |.|   |.|   \.\  |.|  \.\|.|  /./       \.\  | 
 |/./         \.\ |.|__   |.|  |.|_  |.|    \.\ |.|   \...| /./         \.\ | 
 |_/           \_\|____|  |_|  |___| |_|     \_\|_|    \__|/_/           \.\| 
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Roleplaying Preferences
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Role Playing Preferences

"Better be despised for too anxious apprehensions, than ruined by too confident security." Edmund Burke

In this game you can set two kinds of preferences in roleplay. First there is the preferences for non sexual roleplay. These go in the prefs field in your +finger, which you can find out with 'news prefs set'. Then there are sexual preferences, and these are set with +prefs. For details on how to set these type '+help +prefs'.

Rp-Prefs in your finger is to show what you like to play in non sexual scenes. You could think of the following things if you want to explain what kind of roleplay you enjoy most: How do you feel about angst? Psychological roleplay? Violence? Silly roleplay? What do you feel about character death? death of another in your presence? Do you feel you are a hero or antihero personage? Do you like paranormal and magical play? Do you like fighting icly? Is it very important to you to be never overreached or are you willing to have others be stronger than you at times? Regularly? Do you mind ic torture? What about violence? What about religion?Is there need for any of these subjects to be avoided? What do you like most? You can set these preferences by typing 'news prefs set' and it will show you how to do that.

And then there are the sexual preferences if you do sexual play on here. These are also sometimes called 'kinks' in places but we just use prefs for them. They are what you like, as in bondage, pain play, if you're a dominant or submissive, hard play or soft play, such things. To help the set up of rp prefs like this, we have set up a standard you can choose from so that others know what kind of rp you enjoy. How to set this can be found in '+help +prefs'.

Then there is hardlimits. Here you need to put what you really cannot handle in a game. Again this is either in non sexual play, when they are added to your prefs setting in your finger. They also show by the things you choose --- in. Do not do this lightly. If you hardlimit all possible consequences to any negative actions you might take, or in general, it will be very hard to impossible to roleplay with you. But it is allright to give one or two fields with which you are really not comfortable. Possible things you might not be comfortable with at all could be character death, torture, imprisonment, rape, or any particular situation that you have bad experiences with real life or of which the roleplay would ruin the game for you completely. A good example would be the following: I really do not like ic character death, but if it is really absolutely the only option I will accept it.

If you have hardlimits that can severely trigger you, if you are confronted by them if others use them in rp when you are present, we advise you to put those in an @adesc me=@pemit %#=I can get triggered by the use of . Please make sure I will not be confronted with this if I am in a public green or yellow area. ;@pemit me=%N looked at my desc and trigger warning.

If you have set this in your adesc other players are required to do their absolute best to avoid the use or mention of the trigger in your presence if you are in a public green or yellow area. You will get a warning if someone looked at your desc and trigger warning so you will know if they saw it, and you can ask them to please look at your desc if they did not look. If after knowing the issue they still continue, and you are in a green or yellow area, the use of the trigger will count as harassment and get the perpetrator two warning levels.

Sexual hardlimits should be written down freely, and there will be a field for notes after the list of prefs in +prefs (for help on that +help +prefs) For example "I do not want to do spermplay" or "please don't use force or pain on my character". If you write that down no player is allowed to initiate such rp with you and if someone does you have grounds for a harassment complaint.

We ask all current chars and all future new chars to fill out the following line and add it to that field in their finger. The list is as follows: ANGST CONFLICT CONVERSATION DEATH HUMOR LOSING-STATUS MINDCONTROL MYSTICAL POLITICS PUZZLES TINYSEX VIOLENCE

To set the field you can type '&rp-prefs me=ANGST CONFLICT CONVERSATION DEATH %r%t%tHUMOR LOSING_STATUS MINDCONTROL MYSTICAL %r%t%tPOLITICS PUZZLES TINYSEX VIOLENCE ' and then fill in the codes for each field. The %r%t%t makes for a better layout. Remember each field here concerns roleplaying in a sexually neutral situation with people you might never want to have tinysex with. It is perfectly alright to not want to join in tinysex, this is a normal roleplay mux too, but if you'd put a --- there you might be on the wrong place :)

The options for each field are:
+++ Yes I love this I would never pass up a chance for this kind of rp.
++  Yes I generally like this rp.
+    Yes this kind of rp is okay, no need to ask, but it's not my favorite.
0    I would like you to negotiate with me before we do this kind of thing.
-    I really don't enjoy this but if we negotiate I might be swayed.
--   I don't like this and I would very likely not say yes to it at any time.
--- I HATE being confronted with this situation, even as a witness.
     I will leave the room if it would occur.

So basically any amount of + means you don't have to ask permission, a 0 is neutral, negotiate, with any amount of - it is very probable that even negotiation is not going to work. If someone has --- on something, they are themselves responsible for making sure they remove themselves from any situation this might come up, but it is fair of them to ask other players not to force any such situations on them if they choose to stay (so they can't demand not to be a witness, but they can ask not to get personally involved).

Some of these terms need a little explanation: Conflict means any fight that does not result in actual violence, that's what the violence category is for. A yelling match for example. The rest should be pretty self explanatory.