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 |  |.___..\     /..\   |\      /|       /.\              ~\                  
 |  |.|  \..|   /./\.\  |.\    /.|      /._.\                ~~~\             
 |  |.|__/..|  |.|  |.| |..\  /..|     /./_\.\                    ~\          
 |  |. __../   |.|  |.| |...\/...|    /._____.\                      ~\       
 |  |.|  \.\   |.|  |.| |.|\../|.|   /./     \.\                        ~~\   
 |  |.|   \.\  |.|  |.| |.| \/ |.|  /./       \.\                          ~| 
 |  |.|    \.\  \.\/./  |.|    |.| /./         \.\                          | 
 |  |_|     \_\  \__/   |_|    |_|/_/           \_\                         | 
 |      ___       _____  ____  ____  ______     __       _        ___       |
 |      /.\       |. __| |_._| |.._| |.___..\   |.\     |.|       /.\       | 
 |     /._.\      |.|     |.|  |.|   |.|  \..|  |..\    |.|      /._.\      | 
 |    / /_\.\     |.|__   |.|  |.|_  |.|__/..|  |...\   |.|     /./_\.\     | 
 |   /._____.\    |. __|  |.|  |.._| |. __../   |.|\.\  |.|    /._____.\    | 
 |  /./     \.\   |.|     |.|  |.|   |.|  \.\   |.| \.\ |.|   /./     \.\   | 
 | /./       \.\  |.|     |.|  |.|   |.|   \.\  |.|  \.\|.|  /./       \.\  | 
 |/./         \.\ |.|__   |.|  |.|_  |.|    \.\ |.|   \...| /./         \.\ | 
 |_/           \_\|____|  |_|  |___| |_|     \_\|_|    \__|/_/           \.\| 
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On the Roma Aeterna space station there are the following ranks for slaves and freepersons. Oocly, slaves can be made freepersons by speaking to staff, where we will set an ic reason for the change (often it will be earning enough pay to buy one's freedom) and set you as a freeperson. Icly slaves can earn their freedom as in the roman culture by doing their job exceptionally well or by having a kind owner free them. Each slave rank can order those below them to anything they wish, even to things that normally would not fall in the duties of that slave (within ooc consent). Each freeperson rank can order a slave to the limits told in the description, and if more than one status rank is between two freepersons it would be very, very unwise of the lower rank to disobey the wishes of one of higher rank, but this is more a political situation. These slave classes are public slave classes. Personal slaves can be given similar classes or completely different rules of behaviour, depending on their owner. A personal slave has to obey their owner without fail and the owner has life or death decision rights over the slave, but a freeperson is not allowed to harm another's personal slave without that owner's permission.

Freeperson Ranks:

-Salutor: This is usually the rank for a Visitor. A Salutor is allowed to stay on the station as long as they wish, but does not have their own shop or living quarters assigned. Living quarters are usually rented. Most non-humans tend to be of this class though sometimes they become Plebes if they decide to officially live on the station, it is hard for them to become Citizens unless they can boast a human ancestor who was born in Rome. There are a few of those, but they are in the minority.
-Plebes: Lives on the station as their domicile and is assigned their own living quarters. These people can own places on the station but usually they are the workers in others shops and such things. This rank is equally filled with humans and non-humans, most of them have been born on the station but there is a good amount that came to the station later in life.
-Civis: These are the official citizens of Rome on Earth, they can link their family to a human who was born in Rome. These people are the influential people on the station. They are the class that owns the majority of space on the station (the station itself is owned by the ruling classes). The vast majority of them are human, though there are some nonhumans in their ranks, who mostly have gained their status by adoption.
-Patrician: The class of nobles on the station. A character is usually born into this class, though sometimes the Consuls will elevate a family to Patricianhood. There are almost no nonhumans in this class, though a few unusual ones have been known, who gained their position by adoption. Needs 1 trustvote
-Senator: The senators are Patricians who are so respected for their knowledge, opinions, politics or family ties that they have been given a place in the Senate. The Senate is mostly an advisory body now, but it used to be a lot more powerful. The Senate officially advises the Consuls (there can be more) on what decisions to make. They can be ignored, but ignoring the Senate too often might very well lead to political trouble for a Consul, so it is wise of him or her not to ignore the Senate too much. Needs 2 trustvotes
-Consul: The Consuls are the leaders of the Roma Aeterna Space Station. Officially the decision makers in Rome decide who the Consuls are, and the current Consul Maximus Aurus was sent by the earth authorities to the space station to rule it for them. On the other hand, with the long communication times, it has happened regularly that developments in the station have caused local people to rise to Consul and take over from an Earth Consul or rule together with them. There have been triumvirate Consuls, even a foursome is known in history. If more than 4 people reach 3 or more trustvotes and would be Consul, the ones with the highest amount of trustvotes will be Consul, the others will be Senators. A Consul PC needs 3 trustvotes

-Ancillus/Ancilla: This is the lowest public slave class. Slaves end up in this class who have no speciality knowledge that can help the station stay functional. They are mostly there to keep the station clean and to keep the freepersons living on the station happy. They are required to obey any order from anyone (icly, oocly there still is consent) except those of the same rank. Such orders can involve tasks or sexual serving, and can go up to (but not including) something to cause death to such a slave. They have public slave quarters and their pay is kept for them by the Officialis apart from a very minor bit of spending money.
-Servus: This is a public slave class for slaves who have little speciality knowledge but are useful for their strength or the care with which they do their work. They are to perform orders for any freeperson or higher slave class asking them to, but they are not required to perform sexual service, they are free to find partners or have an ancillus or ancilla serve them and can fill their private lives in with the pay they are given, and either spend it on private quarters or save it up for freedom and use the public quarters.
-Atriensis: This public slave class is for slaves who are involved with keeping the space station functional. They have speciality knowledge that is needed to keep the station functional or the culture active. They are engineers, metalworkers, teachers, sometimes performers or gladiators. They work for the station and are not required to follow orders from freepersons that could distract them from their work, though the Officialis can give them orders and are the ones to assign them tasks. They are required to be polite and pleasant to freepersons, and to report problems in their duties to the Officialis who are the ones to deal with such things. They are given pay, and usually have their own quarters though a few thrifty ones who really wish freedom very soon are using the public quarters.
-Officialis: Public Slave Class This is a slave who is so knowledgeable about what is needed to keep the station functional that they have been given the right to give orders, not just to the slaves below them, but to the Freepersons up to Citizen as well in the performance of their duties. They tend to be very knowledgeable in one area and often are given control of one specific area of the station. For example there is an Officialis whose duty it is to look after the food supplies. Or another's responsibility is the entertainment in the Collosseum. These slaves tend to have a lot of influence behind the screens. Most of them would be able to afford to be free but their position has a lot of advantages and it is hard to get a good job as a freeperson sometimes. Needs 1 trustvote.
-Senatorialis: The slave of a Senator who stands in for a senator during his absence. His or her word needs to be heeded as would the word of the senator himself. The slave will go to senatorial meetings and act as the Senator's placeholder. The slave will need to always carry the badge of office. Needs 2 trustvotes.
-Consulionis: The slave of a consul who stands in for a consul during his absence. His or her word needs to be heeded as would the word of the consul himself. The slave will go to consuls meetings and act as the Consul's placeholder. The slave will need to always carry the badge of office. Needs 3 trustvotes